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NPC's Glossary - Tri(ple) Force Empty NPC's Glossary - Tri(ple) Force

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Listed below are all NPC's quoted in the group Tri(ple) Force's campaign :

Jared Saboth: a mercenary who escorted Dynalle to the mainland of Leaf, a member of the Windward guild. It is lonely and a little cold, little is known about it.

Dimitri Hawkns
: Founder and leader of the Windward clan, it is well known that in the past he had been a notable member of Organization XIII, a terrorist order aimed at overthrowing the White Empire and summon the Chaos Gods. After being arrested and punished, he joined a select group of warriors and tried to restart his life, leaving his crimes behind. He founded his guild 12 years ago and has thrived since then, but is still seen as a villain in some regions.

Berlie: Dimitri's right arm, head of the inner guard of the Clan Way of the Wind, a rotund figure, heavy and charismatic. Jared seems to cultivate a deep respect for him and Dimitri.

Auron K. Koben
: Domnall's teacher and teacher, graduated from the White Magic Academy, moved to Metal after completing his studies.

Karin K. Koben
: Auron's granddaughter and first apprentice, the rival of Domnall on the arcane ways, almost everytime surpassing the young summoner, despite being 1 year younger.

Azin Al'maissid: An old wise Ferus who warned Domn of the recurring Magical Anomalies occurring in the region appears to have much wisdom in spite of his simplistic manner. Last seen in Vile, in Metal.

Matilde:a curious 15-year-old magician from the village of Vile, at Metal, aspires to be a great witch, like her late father. Like him, she was last seen in the Ruins of the Forbidden City.

Aella: Mother of Matilde, a novice who assists the village people of Vile in sickness and affliction, but has been increasingly cold and distant since the disappearance of her husband.

Erjnia: A blacksmith from Lucendia (now Caelestia), a brave half-breed of Fossor and Sapiens who managed, with the help of Dr Cid, to open her own forge in one of the largest cities of Leaf. Besides being incredibly attractive, it is independent and dominates the ores to perfection.

EliotApprentice of Erjnia, dedicated and energetic, lives in the low par of Lucendia (now Caelestia). He ended up integrating temporarily the group of Dynalle, Domnal and Ulric to assist them in the extraction of some ore forging.

Maryanna Ciedvahr: Daughter of Cid, an exemplary and very pretty girl, is apparently spoiled to the extreme by her overprotective father.

Dr. Albert Ciedvahr: One of the great minds of the last few years, he taught at the White Magic Academy where he formed many other magicians such as Auron. After publishing a book record and joining the academy council, Cid decided to dedicate a little more time to his family, and then officially withdrew from academic studies to go somewhere less distressed. He moved to the town of Lucendia (now Caelestia) where he lives today with his daughter Maryanna. Dr Cid can assist the group when they were lost on so many mysteries that fall upon them, such as the lost city parchment, Dynalle's blood, and Ulric's runes.

Razin Nagilus: The current ruler of the mainland of Leaf, a family a little distant from the main branch but still with royal blood, it is said that Razin himself would have commanded a small troop of mercenaries to clear their way to the throne. You now know that it's far worse than that.

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